Stands and Trays Recommendations: CLICK on the pictures or links below to be taken to our amazon association pages.

Storage Cart 3 Tier $20-35

This cart is light weight and easy to move. I keep all my towels, go to oils, and reference guides on it while I zone. This way, when I move around the feet, I can move it along with me.

Bamboo Bed Tray with Folding Legs $19

As you are learning the zone, it is really nice to have a stand that hold up your textbooks. This tray was recommend by a student. It is collapsable and easy to move around. She loved to keep her books, salve, and oils on it while zoning.

Bamboo Side Couch Arm Table $30

A couch arm side table is great to keep your oils, salves, and books close by. I especially like this one since it is for wide couch arms. There are many different styles for you to choose from.

Music Stand $30

As you are learning how to foot zone, something finding a good placement for your mapping book can be tricky. A music stand offers a great solution.

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